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Add a native C++/OpenGL SDK to Window Phone7

C++/OpenGL is the defacto standard to build mobile games today.

It can be used on iOS, Android, Bada, webOS, and will sooner or later be available on new RIM devices.

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    StephC_int13 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

    Please check this similar Suggestion:

    This idea is related to a phone/dev feature and should be submitted on the #WPDev Feedback site:

    [This forum focuses on suggestion for the API Mapping tool and Porting guidance to Windows Phone, http://windowsphone.interoperabilitybridges.com/.]

    Thanks for your feedback


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      • Marek Baranowski commented  · 

        I have one big code for Android, WM, Win, Linux and more. One big C code for all platforms, and the same - rewrite only for one platform - its good idea for small programs, not for many thousands lines. Write only for WP devices? About 2% of market? As I think, not providing C++ programming (partially, without UI) - as we say in polish is "shot in the own foot".

      • Jonathan commented  · 

        I really hope C++ is added to the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 Update.

      • RM commented  · 

        I plan to release my C++ code on Android, Symbian, iOS and Meego. If I can't get a write native C++ code for WP7, then my app won't be available for WP7.

        It's as simple as that. C# is the preffered language, which is fine (and the way it should be), but the ONLY common language between ALL the major platforms is C++, thus having the libraries I use as C++ and the UI as platform specific code I can target many platforms!

        The sooner MS realise this the better!

      • Seal commented  · 

        Windows Phone is nice OS, but C# is nightmare if I try port my C++ and OpenGL game. I don't have to rewrite all the code because of one platform. Every mobile platforms support C++ and OpenGL.

      • James Edwards commented  · 

        I was the tech director for one of the two original Microsoft Tablet demo apps presented when the tablet was first unveiled a over decade ago. That app would not be possible in C#. We created a solution that minimized the data transfer and let C# run the interface while the app remained C++. I spoke with the C# team about adding templates to C#. At the time they were against it, but eventually realized the need for generics. However, this is a pale shadow of what is possible with C++.

        C++ may be seen as potentially dangerous because of bad programmers leaking memory, but it also provides solutions to much more difficult problems and methods to make code safer. Generic programming is a tool to handle the exponential explosion of possibilities amongst a family of related concepts. We made extensive use of this in our app and in many apps since then. RAII is also impossible in a language that has no clear rules regarding when resources will be released. In C# what mechanism ensures the timely release of system resources? A memory leak is bad, but so to is leaving a resource locked.

        C# is a fine language for many things, but it is not a replacement for C++ just as C++ is not a replacement for C#. I do not request C++ instead of C#. I request you respect that some projects are either impossible or extremely difficult to do in C# and follow the example of Apple and Google and understand that decades of experience and intimate knowledge of my project makes me the best person to decide what language will ensure my success.

        With the unveiling of the Mac, Apple declared that games would not be supported because the Mac was not a toy. We switched to the PC where we were embraced by Microsoft first with WinG and then Direct X. I worked then at the company developing Thexder for Microsoft as the first DX game to be bundled with Windows 95. The lawsuit prevented the projects release. Microsoft is now exactly 180 degrees from 30 years ago.

        I look forward to Microsoft doing the right thing on this as I much prefer VS to XCode. Unfortunately, Microsoft has taken away my choice to write for Windows devices.

        Thank you,
        James Edwards

      • Andre Santee commented  · 

        Not adding native development support might kill platform gaming. google almost did the same with Android and then they had to rush for publishing their NDK.

        Don't do it and WP users won't see many big titles in their store.

      • Andrey commented  · 

        I'm developing multi-platform games platforms using C++. It runs on PC, Mac and iOS. I want to port it on Windows Phone to, but it has tons of code on C++.

        Please, allow C++.

      • Benoit commented  · 

        Please add a native c++ ndk to windows phone

      • 4DIllusions commented  · 

        All mobiles support C++/OpenGLL except Windows Phone. Bada: full support, IOS: objc facade + C++ ang ogl, Android: NDK. Windows phone is no way for game developers I think.

      • jack ass commented  · 

        The reason why Microsoft is not providing C++ is that they can easier decompile from C# to steal intellectual property of developers.

      • FreeeVili commented  · 

        Now I'm selecting the next mobile platform where I'll developing to. I wrote a lot of programs on CE systems from 3.0, but now I'm thinking about release the MS mobile platform, cause of this "no native C++" problem.
        I guess, I'll chose android (I hate it, cause of forced java, but I can write native codes there).

      • Gennady Boltvin commented  · 

        Please, allow C++. Really, C++/OpenGL is the defacto standard to build mobile games today.

        It can be used on iOS, Android, Bada, webOS, and will sooner or later be available on new RIM devices.
        Allow C++/native SDK or Android will win.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        C++ is best for developing

      • StephC_int13 commented  · 

        Still "under review".

        We don't have a lot of feedback here.

        I have the feeling that they won't move until it's too late.

        Maybe this line has already been crossed, it's hard to say, the market is still moving..

      • cplusplus commented  · 

        Allow C++/native SDK or Android will win.

      • OJ commented  · 

        I'm not too worried about OpenGL, but C++/native SDK is definitely on the cards. Sharing code with non-MS devices is a must.

      • Rahul Jaiswal commented  · 

        Finally app has to come to you people for approval, if you find any security flaws then reject that app. So why not C++

      • Carver Lab commented  · 

        A native sdk is by far the number one suggestion. Without a native sdk we development companies, whether we are building products or apps for clients, will write for Windows Phone last, if at all.

        After years of watching the app dev industry coagulate around managed platforms, a native platform, iOS, has pushed the issue of cross-platform development back to the forefront. Who knew?

        Clients flip when they realize that we can build an app model for iOS, WebOS, Symbian, and Android using the same model C-based code, but when it comes to Windows Phone, we must rewrite the app from scratch.

        So Microsoft, you really have two choices:

        1. Create a native SDK
        2. Promote the Mono development framework

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